Casaurina Cougars

Casuarina Cougars was established in 1975 and is a founding member of the Northern Territory Rugby Union Inc. with its Club House located at 71 Abala Road, Marrara within the NT Rugby Park facility.

With an affiliation membership base of more than 90 registered senior players and over 140 junior registered players, the Club is family friendly and Good Sports focused. Cougars field teams in every grade that the NTRU allows - A Grade and B Grade in the seniors and U5s through to U17s in the junior ranks as well as Womens. Cougars have a strong affiliation with the Stray Cats Golden Oldies Rugby Club, who help promote and support all junior players in the NT. This, in its self, makes the Cougars one the strongest Clubs in the Darwin competition.

Locally Cougars participates in the annual Corporate 7s and Hottest 7s in the World competitions held in Darwin.  Internationally Cougars participates in the Singapore 7s and Cobra 10s.  2013 saw Cougars celebrate it’s 30th year of involvement in the prestigious Singapore 7s competition. Cougars receive a standing invitation to compete at the Singapore 7s every year after the 1983 tournament where the Club won by a record 135–0 over the whole tournament. This is a record that to this day has not been met or surpassed by any team contesting the Singapore 7s. 

The Mighty Cougars always play hard and play fair.