GAME-ON Saturday


The 'Game-On' sports skills experience on Saturday mornings is a fundamental motor skills program. Guidance is provided to develop the participant's running skills as well as the ability to track, pass, catch and kick a ball. This 6 week program is suitable for any child engaged in any sport including Rugby Union, Swimming, Rugby League, Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Netball, AFL, and Touchfootball.

The weekly schedule of activities has the participants engaging in a dynamic games based warm up. All participants then rotate through skills stations addressing running technique, tracking and ball control, catch and pass, and kicking skills. The last half an hour has participants involved in catch-pass team games.

Delivery of the content is consistent with creating a positive developmental experience that encourages effort, persistence, enjoyment, satisfaction, prolonged engagement with sport and, critically, enhanced self-confidence within and outside of the sporting domain.

The 'GAME-ON' Saturday sessions start at 8:30. They finish at 10:00 am.

All participants need to be registered but there is no fee.

Online registration can be done by clicking on REGISTRATION. Once clicked registration click on the 'SELECT A DATE' tab and select the date your child is going to start the program. Once the date is selected the page will refresh and a 'REGISTER' tab will appear. Click on the 'REGISTER' tab and provide the details required. Participants only need to register once for the sessions. 

Please arrive on Saturday morning and sign in for the session between 8:00 - 8:20 am.

Parents, please consider offering to assist, I would like you to be involved in your child's development.

For further information regarding 'Game On' Saturday, please contact Tim Ellison,