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NT Rugby Ready for ANZAC Battles

The NT Rugby Union will commemorate the ANZAC's  with a feast of Rugby on Sunday at Rugby Park, Marrara.

The feature match will be a Country of Origin encounter of locally based players in Team Australia and Team New Zealand.

The Aussies will be looking to turn the tables on their mates from across the ditch following the Kiwi’s win last year after the match’s hiatus of over a decade.

The Junior Mosquitoes play their first match since 2012 when they take on the Army’s 5RAR.

The Army are also sending a Women’s team to Rugby Park to take on the NT Goannas.

Team Australia:

1-Eric Erickson, 2-Elliot Lewis, 3-Stephen Bunn, 4-Tyson Doughty, 5-Gareth Norman, 6-Greg Tobin, 7-Michael Killiner (c), 8-Rhys Hitchcock, 9-Jack Morrison, 10-Robert Butcher, 11-Damien Seubert, 12-Shaun Wauchope, 13-Drew Tobin, 14-Jack Caspani, 15-Anthony Smith 

Reserves; 16-Josh Phillips, 17-David Tohifolan, 18-Liam Bilston, 19-Brad Hogan, 20-Ryan Oakley, 21-Scott Richards,22-Michael Mason, 23-Tert Norris

Coach Rob Taylor

Team New Zealand:

1-George Edwards, 2-Levi Henson, 3-Andrew Donaldson, 4-Kauri Westrupp, 5-Tyler Aranui, 6-Wayne Robinson, 7-Bobby Nurse, 8-Joe Albert (c), 9-Nick Barlow, 10-Junior Ravetali, 11-Simaika Salaa, 12-Joe Tuhakaraina, 13-Marcus Maaka, 14-Joesph Webster, 15-Damien Collie

Reserves; 16-Jack Lawrence, 17-TBA, 18-Trent Everson, 19-Samson Mariner, 20-Levi Clark, 21-Hone Edwards Jnr, 22-Brock Price, 23-TBA

Coach H Edwards

Junior Mosquitoes

L Bilston, T Roe, D Rutherford, L Doherty, J Rainger, J Lim, T Norris, J Fitzgerald, J Davidson, D Tinning, J Rutherford, G Keppel, Sani Raqiyawa, H Edwards Jnr, B Thomson

Coach J Phillips

NT Goannas

C Stanfield, I Aretupe, H Cathcart,  K Lehmann, R Dunbar, C Rowat ( c ) C Ratahi, L Ikahihifo, J Wong, H Dinsdale, C McDonough, B Stokes, S Thompson, T Garlind, D Peckham

Coach P Pauli

2:00pm                 Gates Open

3:15pm                 Rural U15s vs Metro U15s (20 minute halves)

4:00pm                 Rural U17s vs Metro U17s (25 minute halves)

5:00pm                 Darwin Women’s vs Army Women’s (20 minute halves)

6:00pm                 Junior Mosquitoes vs 5 RAR (20 minute halves)

7:00pm                 Last Post

7:10pm                 Australia vs New Zealand (Country of Origin) - (Haka by Team NZ)

7:50pm                 U7s Half time games (15 minutes)

8:50pm                 Presentation to winning team

Gate entry $10.00 for Adults, $5.00 for Servicemen plus and Seniors and U18’s are FREE.

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