Refereeing Kids Rugby


The aim of the Refereeing Kids Rugby course is to provide potential referees with the ability to facilitate a game of U8 to U12 rugby safely and fairly.

The course content is specifically targeted towards the realities of rugby at the younger ages of U8-U12 and not toward U13+ or adult levels of rugby.

On the day, the course is broken into two sessions -

  • Session 1: 30 minutes is spent walking learners through the knowledge and theory of refereeing kids rugby
  • Session 2: 2.5 hours is spent applying knowledge and theory to practical, field based scenarios.

This course also covers the requirements of SmartRugby.

You are welcome to complete the online version of Smart Rugby but you are NOT REQUIRED to.

Your online Smart Rugby learning will be marked as complete by an administrator once your attendance is confirmed at the Kids Coaching Course.

Accreditation Pathway:

Awarded on successful completion of the following learning event:

  • Refereeing Kids Rugby Workshop (face to face)
  • Smart Rugby.

Enrolment Eligibility Rules:

  • No younger than 13 years of age at the time of enrolment.

Learning Objectives


  • The RKR course incorporates content from SmartRugby where relevant and participants will gain a SmartRugby qualification from attending.


  • Participants will be provided with Law content to enable them to form decision making checklists appropriate to a Kids Rugby context.


  • Participants will be shown and given opportunity to demonstrate positioning for each phase of the game.

Referee Management (including communication):

  • The course reinforces the need for strong ‘whistle, signal, talk’ skills including providing examples of appropriate verbal communication both preventative and explanatory for participants to use when facilitating a game.

2017 NTRU Course Dates

Darwin: Friday 10th March, 6pm-9pm, Land Rover Rugby Park, $30 per person

Katherine: TBC

East Arnhem: TBC

Central Australia: TBC

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